Dual Sim Support.

Fri Jul 24, 2015 3:42 pm in Feature Requests

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Re: Dual Sim Support.

Oh yeah, dual SIM would be great.

Anyway, I use Xiaomi and starting from MIUMI 8, there's an awesome feature called Dual Apps. I can run two AirDroid installation with different account. Maybe, if selecting which SIM Card to send SMS is hard to do, maybe AirDroid can give us flexibility to select which SIM Card is the default card, that would be enough.

So in my Xiaomi, I can choose SIM Card 1 is the default card for AirDroid installation 1, and choose SIM Card 2 for 2nd AirDroid installation.

Thank you soo much in advanced. Really love this app!

Hi your voice has been heard. We are still making evaluation about it. Please kindly wait

Re: Dual Sim Support.

I am a huge fan of airdrop but I'm disappointed that it doesn't support two SIM cards at a time. Because of 2 SIM cards, I can have multiple phone numbers. They don't affect battery performance. Please consider adding DUAL SIM support to AirDroid. I have redmi 3s phone (features: http://techwayz.com/xiaomi-redmi-3s-flipkart/ ) which has 2 SIM card slots and I want to use AirDroid with it. I don't like the Mi Phone manager. Airdroid has many features and it is the best mobile phone software of all times.
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