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Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:12 am in Feature Requests

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Re: Click to dial from browser

Hi is it possible for me to make calls using the app and if so how can i do that

You can make call on web。 Click "Contacts">>cilck the contact you want to make call>>click the phone call button. But you need to pick up the phone to talk and listen.

Re: Click to dial from browser

I read the description of the premium features: "Dial phone numbers remotely from the web and talk on the phone". Does this mean what I dream of and I don't get it working or does it "just" mean the standard dialing function? There must be a difference, as it is treated a premium function. But I already can make phone calls in basic (free) version. What's the point there?

I just purchased premium because of that feature promise. Now i find out that even with premium it is not possible to click "tel:" or "callto:" links and have airdroid call the number via my phone. Very disappointing. As OP said, please explain what that premium feature would be. I can´t see why i should extend premium otherwise.

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Re: Click to dial from browser

Either I'm missing something, or the Windows based program has no means of dialing a number outside of the contact list. I've been using the because it has that ability.

It seems the design of the windows program seems to assume anyone you might call is someone on your contacts list. I use this as a means of streamlining office work, and being able to control my Anrdoid from my PC helps. However, a vast majority of my calls are not on my contacts list, so I'm stuck using the website. Not a complaint really, just makes the PC program far less useful.

Oh, and I second the request for context elements in browsers. To be able to highlight a number, right click, and call would be beautiful.

Thanks for a great product!
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