linux OS needs an app like the windows and macquestion

Sun Apr 23, 2017 4:49 am in Feature Requests

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linux OS needs an app like the windows and mac

I am on a linux computer and the only option I have is for web version of this
it is a great option for me but limited for data transfer from PC to phone or phone to PC
is there any chance this will be happening ??

Re: linux OS needs an app like the windows and mac

You can use an android device manager tool, you can save a lot of time to transfer or backup text messages, contacts, photos, and other media files like videos, music files from your phone to computer.
try finding any good movies that are less than 30 MB roflmao
I have to connect the phone to the computer directly as a USB storage device and save movies or larger files that way.
it would be nice to see the desk top app work properly for me but even tho it did install it does not connect to the phone
web browser for AirDroid is my only option so far to use the text messages on my computer and to transfer music ..... but that still has its own issues such as being marginally compatible with FireFox which is my main browser thus I need to have second browser (Chromium) also running in background just to use this.
having the app running in background is a lot less resource for the CPU than having 2 browsers running
I also find that if using apps instead of browsers I can use the phone to create WiFi hotspot and run various apps on the laptop since any browser will get my service providers attention (not allowed) where apps do not .... Facebook app shows me as being mobile when I am on the computer at home and runs quietly in the background without draining CPU resources
please do consider fixing the app for linux as it would actually be worth my money for a paid version of the service and I am dead sure that most any Linux or Ubuntu fan would agree

Re: linux OS needs an app like the windows and mac

This is 2017.. And still every device on the planet runs linux, except the bloody apps for users on PC's. Why must windows be pushed down my throat. I will gladly pay for a proper linux app which works on the gnome desktop.
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