Keyboard Hotkey Widget PC Mirroring

Wed May 17, 2017 1:09 am in Feature Requests

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Keyboard Hotkey Widget PC Mirroring

Hi, AirDroid is helping me take the edge off of some tedious grinding on certain cell phone games. To do this one simply needs to use the airmirror feature and then a separate mouse macro recorder ect. I'll describe my ideal setup like this: I'd use a 2nd phone or tablet, airmirror it, create/loop my mouse macro on whatever tedious grind, go away and do whatever. Now its at this point that having the ability to check in from afar, say airmirror but in reverse to see what my pc is doing would be a great help. Macros of course can break down over time with disconnection issues for example, that's where I'd want maybe a widget that can control at least one (play/pause, often its F11) keystroke so I could remotely, from phone 1, pause the macro and correct the situation, then restart it. To restate, control my pc mouse + a configurable keystroke from phone 1 in order to tweak/reset the macro that is running between the PC and phone 2.
Probably a little far-fetched but I thought I should at least throw it out there.
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