Embedded browser for Gmail / iMessage connection ?

Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:25 pm in Feature Requests

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Embedded browser for Gmail / iMessage connection ?

Hi first off all, I love the app, just switched from iPhone to Droid, and dearly missed iMessage, had found a way to push SMS to iMessage on Mac but it was clunky, on my PC Dev box had to look for an iMessage replacement and found air droid.

Looking at it I thought it would be the PERFECT app for me it had a window that showed my gmail, even if it was just a browser tab that the user could set the URL on, in preferences it could just have a spot to enter a URL of a tab you want as "home page" for embedded browser. -- May fill a lot of requests you have.

Second, would be if there would be away to harvest the iMessages coming in on my mac to the (email address) part of my iphone and mirroring them over, say if i have air droid running on my mac and PC, the two air droid app's could work together by tapping into to the iMessages on the Mac. The the open source Pie project (https://9to5mac.com/2016/05/03/piemessage-imessage-open-source-android-app/ ) connects to the iMessages so the api is there.

Anyway great app, look forward to keep evolving with you as a premium customer, I'll gladly pay for less adds, and to take away the yellow <GIFT> off the menu as well.

Kyle Patrick
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