"Lite" version?

Sun May 06, 2012 4:21 pm in Feature Requests

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"Lite" version?

I know that the AirDroid team aims to create the most pleasant experience for the users. However, I would like a smaller version of the app without the unnecessary resources? For example, the "lite" version wouldn't have all the fancy effects and images, instead, it would just look basic and simple. Also, I can do without the device picture matching. In my opinion, it's just added eye-candy and added space usage (for each and every device image).
Now don't take this the wrong way. The interface of AirDroid is really nice and easy to use. I just wished there was a separate version with all the features but less the added space for the eye candies included. Some people such as myself would just like to get things done and if AirDroid is to be below 1 or 2mb in total size occupied, that would be really awesome.

I don't mind having to look at a boring interface so long as it does the job well and it doesn't eat up my minimal storage space. Another idea I have is to let advanced users create their own web interface for AirDroid and just supply an API where we can pull data from.
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