2 Easy Requests Regarding the dialpad

Thu May 09, 2013 6:02 am in Feature Requests

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2 Easy Requests Regarding the dialpad

Two features that would be HUGE for my work flow.
1) When I enter a number into the dial pad to dial, it would be great if the "Enter" key on my keyboard initiated the call. So that I don't have to physically move the mouse over the the call button.

2) when a call is ended, return to the dial pad screen and have the cursor ready to input another number. Right now when a call is ended the dialpad goes completely away.

I make a lot of calls via bluetooth and I love that I can dial without having to touch my phone. But these two small changes would drastically increase the usability of the dial pad feature. Hope this gets heard! Thanks for Airdroid, it is amazing!
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