100 mb of quota is insufficient

Sun May 26, 2013 4:30 pm in Feature Requests

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100 mb of quota is insufficient

Airdroid:I have an htc one S and transferring files such as music, pictures and video from HTC sync manager is very hectic. That was the main reason I searched in google about transferring medias and found Airdroid. The good thing is that I found Airdroid as my first choice to transfer songs However, few days back I realised that I only have 100 mb quota so If i transfer music or video worth of 5 mb songs then It would be 20 songs in a certain interval. Again, I have to wait to get my quota of 100 mb. I think developer should be aware of the fact that 100 mb is very limited.

I hope Airdroid would take a certain action plan for transferring music and quota plan. With my HTC sync manager it takes like 2 minutes to send 1 file of music into the device.

Need some advice or help. After few days I again checked today and my quota is 99 mb with 1 mb left ;)
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