Airmirror not working and problems with SD cardquestion

Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:21 am in AirDroid Mac

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Airmirror not working and problems with SD card

Hello. I have gone through enabling the developer options and enabling the usb debugging. It does not work. I have a Stylo Plus 2. Air droid says it is up to date on updates on my phone and on the computer. The site says there is an Airdroid 4 but when you download it it says Airdrop 3 3.5.3. My question is how else can I get this to work? I tried using chrome and that does help. I even hooked up my phone to the computer using the usb cable while the usb debugging is enabled. It still says it cannot connect. Please help. Lastly it is hard for me to get permission to move files around from my sd card to my phone. It says I need permission to do and I do what it tells me and that doesn't seem to work either. Help!

Re: Airmirror not working and problems with SD card

yeh my airmirror tries to work but when it asks to select a device there is nothing there, this thing still has a few bugs
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