Dual Monitor AirMirror stuckquestion

Tue Mar 14, 2017 11:21 pm in General

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Dual Monitor AirMirror stuck

Win 10 Pro. Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Mirroring from AirDroid app (not web).
Primary monitor (1920x1200), secondary monitor (1920x1080). AMD Radeon 5700 series video card.

In AirDroid, File Transfer | AirMirror, on the secondary monitor, click on the "detach" ? button (upper right, arrow extending out of a box) to extract the mirror from the app window into its own window, then maximize that window. The top window bar disappears (off the top edge of the monitor screen) making it very difficult to work with (eg to shrink or access the top of the device). Note: Detaching AirMirror from the AirDroid app means I can't manipulate the AirMirror window from within the app.

Using AirMirror from the web interface breaks the app AirMirror, which allows me to get control back through the AirDroid app.

Is there a fix?

- Steve
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