Failed to “Find Phone”?

Mon Aug 19, 2013 9:43 pm in General

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Failed to “Find Phone”?

AirDroid cannot provide you with the location of your device? The location of your device is not correct?
1. check if Google map works well on your Android device. If Google map works well, that means GPS performs fine and "Find Phone" should work normally.
2. make sure that you have turned on “access to my location[/b]”, “GPS satellites[/b]” and “Wi-Fi & mobile network location[/b]” in “Settings[/b]” >”Location access[/b]”.
Due to the fragmentation of Android, “Find Phone” might not work as expected on some Android devices. But our team are working on this all the time and trying to make improvements in every updates.
If everything is OK on your Android device but you still get a problem in “Find Phone”, please send your device model and tell us if the ROM of your device is the official one.
You may post the information in the forum or contact us at
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