Fail to connect?

Sun Nov 17, 2013 9:17 pm in General

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Fail to connect?

Airdroid is one of my favorite apps but today it's just useless.I tried to connect as usually did, several times. Even erased my account, created a new one, new password aaaaaaaand nothing, I tried to add a new account with a new email address and there was no way to make it work.
The notification in the screen says that both devices (computer & phone) should be in the same WIFI, since when??? That was not necessary before and everything was perfect.
Unistalling and reinstalling the app does not work either.
Hope you solve this soon.


Hi Gera,
Thanks for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience this have caused.

Would you please send us a screenshot of the error message? You may post it in the forum or send it to
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