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Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:38 am in General

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AirDroid Forum Rules

1. No Spams[/b]

Please don’t post ads and links, or meaningless text, any selling or trading is banned here.

2. Search before you post[/b]
Other people may have asked the same question, please do some search in this forum, and also search in AirDroid Help Center, if you cannot find any answer to your question, then start a new discussion. We will manually check discussions, and shut down repeated ones.

3. Use English[/b]
We understand that not all users could speak English well, but please try to express your problems in proper English. If that’s too difficult for you, please use Google Translate or other online translation tools, and post your questions both in your native language and in English. If you want us, want other members to help you, please make that easier for us.

4. Keep discussions in the right categories[/b]
For the convenience of browsing, please post discussions in the relevant categories.

- All categories: You can see all discussions here.
- General: Forum announcement, rules, guides and recruitment.
- FAQ: Frequently asked questions.
- AirDroid Win/Mac Issues: Bugs and troubleshooting in AirDroid Win or Mac client.
- AirDroid Web Issues: Bugs and troubleshooting in AirDroid Web.

- AirDroid APP Issues: Bugs and troubleshooting in AirDroid mobile app.
- Other Issues: Other issues that you can't put in Web Bugs, Win/Mac Bugs and AirDroid APP Bugs.
- Feature Requests: Tell us what features you want in AirDroid, it could happen if you want it so bad.

- Translate AirDroid:Other issues that you can't put in Web Bugs, Win/Mac Bugs and AirDroid APP Bugs.
- Special Events: Follow up on AirDroid’s latest events.

- Off Topic: Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else.

5. Report a bug[/b]
If you have a bug to report, please report with enough information so that we could pinpoint the cause faster. Please specify your problem in details so our developers could help you.

We would love if you report your bug following this form:
- AirDroid Account:
- Device Model:
- Android OS Version:
- ROM:
- Browser:
- AirDroid desktop client (Win or Mac) version:
- AirDroid APP Version:
- Internet Connection (WIFI or Carrier, Carrier Name):
- Connection Mode:
- Bug Description:
- Screenshots:




有沒有支援2.3的版本? "遠端控制"可以支援2.3媽?
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