More than 6 users/devices on one account

Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:50 am in General

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More than 6 users/devices on one account

I recently started working with Airdroid 3, and I must say
I’m quite impressed with the functionality of the software.

I do have a question though. I’m in the process of
starting a digital signage company where advertising screens and android media
devices are located in different locations. The ideal thing for me to have is
to send all my newly created and updated ads remotely to all allocated devices
via Airdroid and to have them stored in certain locations on the storage
devices connected to my media players. Im currently working on 22 android
devices but I’ve noticed that the premium account only allows up to 6 devices.

Is there a way to connect all 22 device to one account? Lets
work on a total of 24 android device, including my computer (main server
running Airdroid for Windows and allocates all the ads), a test device at home,
20 android media players in different locations and the my phone as well.

I hope you can help, it will be so much more convenient that
to create 3 or 4 separate accounts, each connected to 6 devices.

Thanking you in advance!


Sorry that AirDroid Premium now only supports connecting up to 6 devices. But maybe the new feature "Friends" which is still under beta testing can help you.

It allows you to add other AirDroid users (account) as Friends and you can transfer files to him/her. More details: ... d-friends/
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