Web Droid doesn't work over 3G or Wifi

Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:50 pm in General

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Web Droid doesn't work over 3G or Wifi

I've noticed when I am on WiFi, airdroid shows this:

Why does it not show my external IP? 64.x.x.x?

How are the AirDroid servers going to connect to this 192.168.x.x IP? It's a private network..

AirDroid should be able to resolve my *real* external IP and say https://64.x.x.x:8890 which has Port Forwarding configured to my internal IP of

Airdroid PC -> 64.x.x.x:8890 ----Port Forward--->

The current setup is very limiting as it always requires you to be on the same network there are millions of reasons why we wouldn't want this..(at work..my PC cannot go on Wifi but my phone can only go Wifi) With port forwarding this could be much more flexible and you can use AirDroid from anywhere..But not like this.

Over 3G/4G/LTE it simply cannot connect. Even with Web Droid. I log in, it tries to connect for about 1 minute and then fails. (Screenshot)

If this is normal, maybe someone can help me figure out why this doesn't work on Wifi or 3G. Thanks

Re: Web Droid doesn't work over 3G or Wifi

Another thing. This app should be able to bind to any available interface that has an IP address on the phone.

I logged into my VPN (OpenVPN) and got an IP, but AirDroid still only shows my WiFi IP. I cannot connect over VPN..It's a shame because compared to Pushbullet, Yappy and all those services, this looks like the best one without a doubt.

Going to test tethering and see if I can use that network to connect

Re: Web Droid doesn't work over 3G or Wifi

Yessssss. Success!

Case closed.

If you are running into the same problems as I did, you can plug your phone into your PC, enable USB Tethering, restart AirDroid App and boom. Done.

hope this helps someone.
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