AirMirror Fails on Wifi

Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:04 pm in General

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Davis Darvish

AirMirror Fails on Wifi

Essentially if i try to use airmirror on my nexus 6 while on my home wifi i see the toast root notifications come up granting SU access but the connection fails. If i am on my carriers (tmobile) 3g/4g network the connection works fine... any ideas?
Davis Darvish
Coffee Admin

Re: AirMirror Fails on Wifi


Can you attach the logs and exception to help us troubleshoot? (use the attachment feature in this forum)
Right click on AirDroid icon > select open file location > logs and exception.
Create a file named log.dll in application support/airdroid/ Open AirDroid and log in. And then Click Finder > click Go > Press Alt until Library shows > Click Library > Application Support > AirDroid
/sdcard/android/data/com.sand.airdroid/files > AirMirror.log or Remoteinput.log
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