Does anybody else have Paypal problems for Premium ?question

Sun Sep 13, 2015 6:32 pm in General

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Re: Does anybody else have Paypal problems for Premium ?

Maybe internet works differently in my part of the world, but I finally managed payment through simply logging in to the local German address and Paypal payment was as sweet as usual,
Paypal, you may be aware of insist on secure data transfer, i.e. https://
So whatever you guys offer, just do it in the correct way. I am sure Google payment would also work fine, just think about the Paypal fault you made !
The address you provided, sorry to say, is a bad joke
A referral page which leads into the wilds of silly advertising.

So please, for the sake of the very good service AirDroid provides, get the login sites for the major countries sorted out.

Hope that some other folks will at least benefit.

Dead easy, just needs the correct login site. Whoever would have thought about that ?
Hi, thanks for your continuous feedback. It's my bad to provide you with a wrong website, I enter .com twice. Have corrected it.

As to the issue you mentioned, we'll check it. Can you please tell us more details of it? You can't pay via And then successfully made the payment via

Re: Does anybody else have Paypal problems for Premium ?

Yes. I have exactly the same problem. I try a lot of methods, but payment system from PayPal not working for Airdroid. I dont know why.

​​​​​​I have on my computer as protection, Kaspersky Internet Sécurity and when I tried to make the payment went
to PayPal, the application "Secure Payment" prevented me from completing the transaction. I disabled my
internet protection to complete the transaction and I managed, to make the premium payment in a minute.

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