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Thu Nov 19, 2015 10:40 pm in General

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Refugee from Pushbullet


I'm new to Airdroid from Pushbullet, though to be honest I was thinking of moving anyway because using a mac I have no way to easily getting files onto my LG G4 directly. I have a couple of questions:

1. What's the difference between the Chrome web app and native OSX app? I don't quite understand why some features are only in one or the other but both can do others. Do I need both? I've currently got notifications through the OSX app, and they don't appear to be listed in the webapp alerts section, or am I missing something?

2. Copy and Paste. I can see, with a refresh, text copied on my device on the web. Is there any way to put this into the OSX app and automatically place it on the clipboard like Pushbullet could do? This was my biggest use for Pushbullet and it was wonderfully seamless.

The price is spot on for Airdroid, so if I get things working as I planned (and the file transfer is good) I'll have no problem in going Premium!
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Re: Refugee from Pushbullet


1. AirDroid Web and AirDroid Win/Mac has different features. There's not Notification center in AirDroid Web, only AirDroid Win/Mac has that feature.

2. We'll consider improving this feature, thanks for your suggestion :)

Re: Refugee from Pushbullet

The app notification centre is nice, but what would be really great is to embed this into the Mac native notification centre...
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