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Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:15 am in General

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Straight to topic. Want to download this app on a friends phone and he/she not know i have the app and can see the phone whenever they're connected to the net whithout them knowing it. I can use the phone for a while and them not noticing I will install the app.
Already installed it on a test droid i have, but Dont know how it would react on an Lg G Flex 2.
Disabled ever notification on airdroid and such. use it a while and see that the only notification was that I tried to install whatsapp from the web browser then a message poped up on the phone.. not good.
Then went to apps on settings and on airdroid disables the notifications.

1. After login on web page, it said that passwors will be needed in 2 weeks. Is it going to be notified on phone? how it works?
2. Im testing on same wifi network, will work via internet? different Ip, routers etc..
2. Paid subscriptions. How does it works because i dont see any apps on the web page.
3. Important, after months, Does he/she knows that Im getting on the phone? Any notifications?
4. Not AirDroids fault, but trying to get the app off the app drawer. seems I will need to create a folder and hope they dont reach it. hope they think its bloatware.

Any hints/inputs on how to stay total incognito in this?
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