Interacting with notifications on AirDroid desktop apps?question

Mon Dec 14, 2015 4:05 am in General

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Interacting with notifications on AirDroid desktop apps?

So I've just set up AirDroid (premium) with the desktop apps on both my Windows and OS X boxes, and the notification section seems to be missing certain abilities.

On the popup notifications, I have "dismiss", "block", and sometimes extra buttons when the real Android-side notification has extra options available (like "mark as read"). That's all fine.

However, the notification section in the actual apps is missing those options. According to the FAQs, the notification section should look like this:

This clearly has a block option, as well as the trash can which I understand will dismiss notifications on my phone. But the notification section on my installation of the app looks like this:

No trash can, my device isn't identified at the top, etc. I believe the "Mirror notifications" toggle corresponds to blocking, but there is no obvious way to perform any other action.

Is something going wrong with my installation specifically? Am I actually meant to be able to perform notification dismissal and other actions ("mark as read", "stop alarm", etc.) from the desktop app, as I can from the little popup notifications?
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Sorry for any misunderstanding this has caused. The user interaction had been updated.

1. The trash can has gone, the notifications stored in AirDroid Win/Mac will be cleared when you restart AirDroid Win/Mac or your computer. (And the trash can in previous version only allows you to delete notifications stored in AirDroid Win/Mac, it can't dismiss the notifications on your phone. If you want to dismiss the notification, you can only do it on the notification pop-up.)

2. If you connect several devices to your AirDroid account, the current device you're using will be listed above, if there's only one device connected, the device model won't be listed.

If you have any other questions, pls feel free to let me know.
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