Newcomer, Having Hard Time Figuring Out How to Transfer Filesquestion

Mon Dec 14, 2015 7:12 pm in General

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Newcomer, Having Hard Time Figuring Out How to Transfer Files

First-off, I need to know--are the files transferring DIRECTLY via Wi-Fi or in a "cloud" sort of way? I need to know because (a) my connection is "metered" and (b) Wi-Fi would be faster, and I want it FAST--as in, this 430 megabyte I have, I want it to transfer within 60 seconds, not 60 hours or something ridiculous.

I'd simply connect the phone via microUSB but I can't for the life of me get it to do anything except charge the phone, my computer REFUSES to even merely acknowledge the simple existence of the phone, it won't even charge it. Thus, I'm stuck with something like this. (Besides, I don't want to physically wear out the mechanical ports from lots of usage even if I could get it to work.)

I've fiddled with this forever, but beyond creating an account, I'm stuck. I see 'file transfer" options but I can't even see how to add the files you want and then get them to "go," and go FAST (as in I want to see a "progress bar" or "time remaining" sort of thing within less than a second after tapping "go," wherever "go" or "send" etc is). Frankly, I need pretty much step-by-step directions with ALL of it. This program comes highly recommended, yet even though I've actually fixed computers and done Visual Basic programming and a little HTML, I can't figure this thing out at ALL.
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Please check if the following guides help:

[Help & FAQ] File Transfer

[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Files
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