Unlimited Data Plan and No WiFi - Keeps disconnetingquestion

Thu Feb 04, 2016 2:49 am in General

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Unlimited Data Plan and No WiFi - Keeps disconneting

I have an unlimited data plan but I don't have wifi. I can connect to my phone easily by going to the web.airdroid.com site then scanning the barcode. Works great, but right away I get a warning the I am using my data plan and should try to switch to my wifi. I don't have wifi. The program connects to my phone for a few min. then disconnects. If I wait long enough, the programs realizes that it is disconnected and asks if I want to reconnect. I do, and it does, for a minute or two, then just stops responding again. I really like the program and would much rather type on a computer keyboard while texting than on my phone. Is there anyway to force it to use my data plan and ignore wifi. It's possible that this isn't even my issue. What I am experiencing are disconnects while using data only over my cells data connection.
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