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Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:11 am in General

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Passwod Question

So I'm returning to AirDroid after several years away. I registered with Google+, which is the account I've used to sign in both here and on the newest version of the downloadable PC app.

Since I last used AD, I've changed devices. I'm trying to delete my old device in order to add my old one, but I've run into a problem. Both the PC program and the website ask for my password to confirm deleting my old phone, which makes sense; but it doesn't seem to acknowledge my password, and keeps telling me it's incorrect.

I never set a AD-specific password; I've been trying the password attached to my G+ account, as well as the list of passwords I might have used in the last two years. None of them seem to be working.

What can I do here?
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Re: Passwod Question

Hi @george, would you please try changing your password here: and then sign in again to delete your device to see if it works.
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