Airdroid Keyboard disabled by defaultquestion

Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:53 am in General

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Airdroid Keyboard disabled by default

Dear All,

Is it possible to not have the Airdroid activated by default when using AirMirror?
I do not want to see the Airdroid Keyboard appearing in the phone as default keyboard when using AirMirror on my PC.

Thanks in advance
Dora Admin

Re: Airdroid Keyboard disabled by default

Hi @queviko, if AirDroid keyboard isn't being activated by default, then you can't use your computer keyboard to type on your phone and you have to switch it manually. But, we have collect your suggestion and we will consider to improve it in the future.

Re: Airdroid Keyboard disabled by default

Airdroid key board is not poping up when airmirror is using, it just shows at the bottom of the screen that it is ready to use. But need to touch 3-4 times to get the keyboard popup. It is annoying. Minimum you need to make sure that the airdroid keyboard is functional properly(poping up to type).

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