Local Address not Connecting

Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:46 pm in General

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Local Address not Connecting

After initially working for a couple of weeks my connection via local address ( from web browser stopped working. I've tried from other browsers on same PC and from other PCs on the network -- no joy. PCs are on same subnet ( and I've confirmed phone's IP address from WiFi connection settings. I tried changing the port number to 9000 -- no change.

While (obviously) something changed, I am not aware of any setting changes on the phone or network.

Connection from web.airdroid.com works fine.

Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S6 from Sprint. I haven't installed any firewall or AV apps on the phone.

Any ideas?
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Re: Local Address not Connecting

Hi @dscotl, any error message when you failed to connect with local connection?
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