Using of voice and sound of your PC on the phonequestion

Sat Mar 26, 2016 6:20 pm in General

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Алексей Саннико

Using of voice and sound of your PC on the phone

Good day tou you, Is there any way to make a real call through my PC. I mean that i`m connecting to my phone and use my PC microphone and headphones to speak using my phone.
I know that it`s somehow blocked in the android system, But is there any chance to solve this problem? If there is any solution we can pay for it (reasonable summ of course).

P.S. VoIP doesn`t work for our objectives. We need to make a direct connection from PC to the phone and use it remotely
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Алексей Саннико
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Re: Using of voice and sound of your PC on the phone

Hi @aлeĸceй caнниĸo, there are many users looking for this feature but we are still working on it to find a better solution. Please kindly wait.

Re: Using of voice and sound of your PC on the phone

Getting PC's audio (playback and recording) synchronised with the Android phone's audio (speaker & microphone respectively) is the single missing feature that stops me shelling out up front for a 2-year subscription. Everything else is so well done on Airdroid, that I am wondering why this type of feature was missed out. OK I can understand that offering reliable dynamic 2-way audio maybe doesn't fit well into the web-server model that most of the other features use for their message-response type of design. You would probably need to have a custom real-time software client running on the PC.

But as I type this I am thinking why not simply turn the PC with its attached speakers and mic into a sort of "Bluetooth headset" for the smartphone? Then all the BT stack could be deployed and all Airdroid would need to do is to call upon this standard feature having passed by teh web interface to initiate the dialing of the call.

I'd happily pay more than current premium price for this. Let me explain the usage scenario of many professionals who are often in desk positions needing to often be in SKYPE calls or attending long audio-visual presentations - we have a headset/mic on permanently at the desk and would like to be able to leave our smartphone in the charging dock or in our pocket and seamlessly initiate Airdroid calls (or answer them) and have the audio mix in on the PC audio gear.

Is this feasible? When do you expect to be able to integrate such features?

Best Regards,
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