AirDroid Web - Failed to Upload. No permission to write to external SD card

Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:47 pm in General

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AirDroid Web - Failed to Upload. No permission to write to external SD card

I am getting a repeatable error when trying to upload files to an extSD card through Airdroid Web.

Client: Airdroid v3.2.2
Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Phone OS: Android 6.0.1 (not rooted)
Desktop Browser and OS: Windows 10, Google Chrome 50.0.2661.102

The steps to reproduce this are:

1) Download and install the AirDroid app on my android smartphone
2) Run AirDroid app. Log in using my AirDroid account.
3) On a PC, go to AirDroid Web to connect to my phone.
4) I am asked / forced to select the extSD path on my phone. I do so (AirDroid app --> Files --> External SD. Select the root directory of the extSD card).
5) I can then successfully upload to my extSD card using AirDroid Web.

However, after rebooting my phone and re-connecting to my phone in the future via AirDroid Web gives me the error reported at the top of this post. I can workaround this issue by going into the AirDroid app --> Clear Data + Cache. This forces me to run through Steps 2-5 again, and I can successfully upload.

Any information on how to resolve this issue, without having to go through the Clear Data + Cache workaround every time?

For what it's worth, the last time I experienced this issue was about 1 year ago, using a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Since that time, I had been using a Moto X Pure, which did NOT have this issue. This issue only started re-appearing again after I recently switched to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.
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