On the same network, yet not connectingquestion

Wed Jun 22, 2016 5:16 pm in General

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On the same network, yet not connecting

I prefer to connect over LAN just because file transfer speeds are good. Yesterday AT&T came and replaced my defective modem with a newer model (Arris NVG599) and now when I try to scan QR code to connect, it says we're not on the same network and that I should sign in to use remote access. Now when I do sign in, transfer rates are horrendous since its not going via LAN (even though PC is connected via ethernet and my S6 Edge is connected to the same wifi/router. Two pictures in a zip download (~9-10mb) took over 3 minutes whereas over my normal old method of connecting would take mere seconds. I've restarted all my devices but so far I haven't been able to fix this issue. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
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