Airdroid hotspot with no internet or data (ad hoc mode)?

Tue Sep 13, 2016 7:48 pm in General

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Airdroid hotspot with no internet or data (ad hoc mode)?


I have my android phone perched 30 feet in the air to take time lapse pictures of a construction site. The android phone is inside a flood camera and it is powered by 12V battery recharged with a 20W solar panel. The 5MP pictures are taken every 2minutes and per day, the total zipped package is about 530mb.

To connect to the phone via air droid (phone Nexus is rooted by the way), I use a hotspot but it only has 1gb of data a month. The phone does not have a data plan (old verizon wireless phone). I control the timelapse camera using airdroid mirror and to make sure all is well up there.

The phone is charged using a 12V to 5V mini USB converter. This cable cannot send data, so to get the pictures I either i) get on a ladder, remove the phone from the flood light housing, and get the data via USB connection or ii) attempt the get the data via slow bluetooth but it crashes generally (I have to split the file in 2 for a successful transfer but that takes about one hour per day).

So, my question is, can I create a hotspot with airdroid just to communicate with the cell phone but I am not using any data or internet?

The other option would be to set my hotspot or a router to an ad hoc mode just to communicate with the cell phone with airdroid.

Thanks for the help.
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