Confused about connection types for airmirrorquestion

Mon Nov 14, 2016 3:32 pm in General

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Confused about connection types for airmirror

So im really confused about why airmirror is not in windows client or when connecting local mode via IP address...
I don't understand why going trhough your servers is preferable over a local screen mirror connection that is fluid and fast responding.

I have a Huwai P9, and this phone does not work properly with the message app built in airdroid UI. So i HAVE to use airmirror.
My workplace have a crappy internet speed, so browsing the screen is slow and laggy.

I want to use USB tethering, but to get to use it, i have to disable wifi and mobile data on my phone - as it picks this by default, and i have to enable usb tethering everytime i start the app on my phone. It doesnt remember i want usb tethering.

I know for a fact that it works when its set up (i test via a 3d game, and can CLEARLY see when usb is active and i get 30+ fps), but the method is annoying to do everytime.

In a nutshell i want to use this for work. Plug it into pc's usb when i meet so it can charge while is use it from my pc screen.
I unplug it a couple of times a day, but i have to do above method all over again, disabling wifi/mobiledata etc.

Please help and make this easier, im enjoying your product so much otherwise, its the preparation everytime i want to use it that sucks :(

Re: Confused about connection types for airmirror

EDIT: I forgot that the windows client has airmirror too , but its same problem with tideous pairing everytime.
The web interface is much better imo
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