Desktop notifications in Chrome browser with different profilequestion

Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:49 am in General

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Desktop notifications in Chrome browser with different profile

I've just installed Airdroid and am really enjoying the option for desktop notifications, but I'm having a little problem getting them to work on my secondary Chrome profile. I have one Chrome profile which uses the same email address and Google ID as the Airdroid account. I have another profile which uses my Google ID for work, though I'm also signed into my personal Google ID on that Chrome profile.

I'm able to access and I see the notifications in the web view, but the desktop notifications don't come through on that one. When I try disabling and re-enabling desktop notifications, I notice that I don't get prompted to approve them, so it's as if it's not trying to push the notifications to that instance of Chrome.

Any idea how I might enable to desktop notifications on this other Chrome profile?
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