Using AirDroid for broken screen system recovery?question

Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:13 pm in General

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Using AirDroid for broken screen system recovery?

Hello. I have AirDroid installed on a now broken phone. It has the popular BSOD. Broken screen of death. :-)

Technically it still works as I can log in with AirDroid. However I didn't enable screen mirroring before the accidental breakage nor USB debugging. Since the screen is broken I take it there is no way to activate this mirroring and get it working?

I can access it from the web interface. So I can get at some files. But trying to use the app download feature fails on large files, in this case 10MB. It also isn't clear what data this is since in this case the app it corresponds to was 100MB to download.

With a working account and ability to access a broken phone what other options would AirDroid provide for recovery?
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