AirDroid Business account login help

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AirDroid Business account login help

What is AirDroid Business?

AirDroid Business is a total solution tailored for small and medium-sized businesses and professional IT staff. The service including: support remotely, unattended devices/ mobile devices management and accessibility. Providing enterprises with efficient, safe and convenient solutions to success.

How to create an AirDroid Business account?

1. AirDroid Business account is for enterprise users only.
2. You need to have a regular AirDroid account first and apply for the beta test.

Note: AirDroid Business is still on beta, if you want to try out the service, you can apply for a trial to become our business users via

Note: To protect the security of your business account, please be aware of the strength of your password when signing up. Existed AirDroid users can change your password in User Center > Account Settings.

3. Once you have an AirDroid Business Account, open and choose sign in with an Enterprise ID.

● Select "sign in with an Enterprise ID" in AirDroid Personal, switch to the AirDroid Business account to login.
● Enter your account & password to login.
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