Is it possible to do this with AirDroid?

Thu Sep 27, 2018 6:05 pm in General

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Is it possible to do this with AirDroid?

I am wondering if this is possible with AirDroid.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S8 (on Oreo) Non-rooted

1) A Linux PC ( connected to the S8 via USB. The phone has no Wifi / Data (i.e. no internet).
2) Another Windows PC ( connected to the same LAN as the Linux PC.
3) Possible that on the Windows PC, I can see the Phone via web browser?

I tried this:
- S8: Turn on AirDroid and click on "Android Web" (Next screen said 'Connect via IP address.' with no url)
- On Linux PC: adb forward tcp:9999 tcp:9800 [NOTE: Port 9800 was selected in setting]
- On Windows PC: open browser to "http://". => failed

If the S8 is connected to LAN, it will say "Connect via IP address".
Then, on windows PC, I can access from browser :

BTW, how come I don't see 'AirMirror' icon from the AirDroid screen?
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