Nexus 7 ADB with Google driver MTP issue on Win7?

Wed Jan 16, 2019 9:53 am in General

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Nexus 7 ADB with Google driver MTP issue on Win7?

Is there any application for controlling android phone from desktop PC?

I need an application on Windows desktop PC having these functionalities:

1) Shows the screen of Android phone connected to PC in its window.

2) Remote Touch: When you click on any point of window, it clicks on that point on your phone. So you do not need to touch your real device.

Its application is that you can remotely connect to a PC (for example by remote desktop connection 9Apps for Android) that has a phone connected and communicate with that phone.

There is something named Pocket Controller for Windows Mobile that makes your connected real device like an emulator on the PC. I need it for android.

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