[Help & FAQ] Notification Mirror

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[Help & FAQ] Notification Mirror

Notification Mirror is a feature introduced in AirDroid v2.0.9. It allows you to view all the app and system notifications on your computer. WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook, Twitter... all user and system app notifications are supported (requires Android 4.0+):

AirDroid Web:

AirDroid Win/Mac:

How to enable Notification mirror?

1. Go to Tools in AirDroid app > Desktop Notif:

2. Turn on Notification Mirror service:

3. Setting is done now. You can create a test notification to see if it works:

A notification will pop up at the bottom right corner (you need to sign in to web.airdroid.com first):

You'll also receive a pop-up on your computer if you've signed in to AirDroid Win/Mac:

Note: To receive desktop notifications when you are not focusing on web.airdroid.com, you need to enable desktop notifications on web.airdroid.com > Account > General:

How to disable the notification mirror from specific apps?

By default, all the notifications will NOT show on the computers.

You can choose to disable the notification mirror of a specific app:
1. Go to Tools in AirDroid app > Desktop Notif > Allowed apps:

Uncheck the box next to the app you want to disable and tap OK. The app notification will not be mirrored to AirDroid Web/Windows/Mac next time:

If you don't want to receive notification pop ups of some specific apps on AirDroid Windows/Mac, you can also refer to the guide here: How to block Notification pop-ups from specific apps?

P.S.1 If you still can't view any notifications after enabling Notification mirror, please disable it and then try enable it again.

P.S.2 Notification mirror feature requires Android 4.0 and later.
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