[Help & FAQ] Why AirDroid Needs so Many Permissions?

Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:10 am in FAQ

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[Help & FAQ] Why AirDroid Needs so Many Permissions?

AirDroid has many features:
Messages, Apps, Files, Photos, Music, Ringtones, Videos, Call, Call Logs, Contacts, Screenshot, Camera, Find Phone, etc.
Those permissions allow AirDroid to function properly, manage your SMS, contacts, files, and locate your device, wipe all private data when your device is lost.
Please note that AirDroid will never store your private data (except AirDroid account info, the latest location of your device if the Find Phone feature is activated) without your explicit consent.

Here's a list of the required permissions and the corresponding AirDroid features:
Your personal information
Modify your contacts, read call log, read your contacts, write call log.

Corresponding AirDroid feature: "Contacts", "Call log"

Services that cost you money
Directly call phone numbers, send SMS messages

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Messages”, “Call”
Note: The fee of sending messages and making phone calls will be charged by your carrier depending on your subscription, AirDroid will not charge extra fees.

Your messages
Edit your text messages (SMS or MMS), read your text messages (SMS or MMS), receive text messages (SMS)

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Messages”

Your location
Precise location (GPS and network-based), Approximate location (network-based)

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Find Phone”
Note: This is for locating your device when Find Phone feature is enabled.

Network communication
Full network access

Corresponding AirDroid feature: AirDroid requires a network connection if you are using LAN Connection Mode, Remote Connection Mode, Lite Mode.

Manage internal storage contents

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Messages”, “Apps”, “Files”, “Photos”, “Music”, “Ringtones”, “Videos”, “Contacts”, “Call Logs“

Hardware controls
Take pictures and videos

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Camera”, “Intruder” feature in “Find Phone”.

Phone calls
Read device state and identity

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Call”
Note: When you receive a call in your Android device, a notification will display on AirDroid web desktop.

System tools
Change network connectivity, connect and disconnect from WLAN, disable your screen lock, display system-level alerts, modify system seetings, prevent phone from sleeping, retrieve running apps

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Keep screen awake” in “Settings” of AirDroid app. “Taks” in “Tools” of AirDroid app.
Note: This is for detecting network connection. If AirDroid finds that your device hasn’t connected to the network, the connection between your device and PC/tablet won’t be built.

Read battery statistics

Corresponding AirDroid feature: the display of battery statistics on the bottom right corner of AirDroid desktop.

Network communication
Receive data from Internet, view network connections, view WLAN connections

Note: This is for detecting network connection. If AirDroid finds that your device hasn’t connected to the network, the connection between your device and PC/tablet won’t be built.

Development tools
Test access to protected storage

Corresponding AirDroid feature: Reading SD Card.

Your accounts
Find accounts on the device, read Google service configuration

Corresponding AirDroid feature: Sign in with Google account
Note: This will fix the issue some users experienced that they cannot sign in to AirDroid app with Google account.

Hardware controls
Control flashlight, control vibration

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Camera”, “Intruder” feature in “Find Phone”
Note: The flashlight is for taking photos and vibration is for the vibration of launching AirDroid app.

System tools
Close other apps, install shortcuts, set wallpaper

Corresponding AirDroid feature: “Task” in “Tools” of AirDroid app. “Add tool shortcut to home screen” in “Settings” of AirDroid app. “Set as wallpaper” in “Photos”.

Allow Wi-Fi Multicast reception
Corresponding AirDroid feature: Nearby in AirDroid Win/Mac/Android. Allows other AirDroid users who share the same Wi-Fi network find your device and share files to you.

lite mode

how ton install LITE MODE please?
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