USB connection

Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:45 am in AirDroid Win

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USB connection

Hi all,
I am new of Airdroid and I need some help to configure it.
In particular, I want to use Airdroid at office, but the Wi-fi network does not allow me to do it.
The situation that I want to create is the following one:
-smartphone connected to internet through mobile network;
-pc connected to internet through company wi-fi network;
-smartphone connected to the pc through USB.
Is it possible to configure Airdroid in such a way for that my desktop is able to control the smartphone without any internet connection?
I want to avoid that Desktop uses mobile network for internet. At the same time, smartphone should stay connected to be able to use whatsapp.
Thank you all.



Hi currently AirDroid desktop client doesn't support USB connection, but you could use AirDroid web via USB connection. More: ... es/1296187
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