Airdroid Windows client display my contact twice

Sun Feb 22, 2015 6:03 am in AirDroid Win

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Airdroid Windows client display my contact twice


First, I am French , I took you to excuse me for my bad English ,
but I have a slight problem with the Windows client , indeed, it displays all of my contacts in duplicate,
and the duplicated items , which raises worries me because I do not see the pictures of my contacts.
It concerns only exists in the Windows version, I do not have that worry on the web client.
Here are some screenshot for more understanding.

French Version :


Premièrement, je suis français, je vous pris de m'excuser pour mon mauvais english,
mais j'ai un léger soucis avec le client Windows, en effet,
celui-ci affiche la totalité de mes contacts en double, et le dupliqué est vide,
ce qui me pose un soucis car je ne vois pas les photos de mes contacts.
Ce soucis n'existe que dans la version windows, je n'ai pas ce soucis sur le client web.
Voici quelques screenshot pour plus de compréhension.



Do you have more than 2 accounts signed in on your device?

For example, if J-B is a WhatsApp or Google contact of your WhatsApp/Google, there will be duplicate cotnacts on AirDroid Win/Mac. We'll improve this in future updates. Please stay tuned :)
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