Able to talk with headset, but unable to hear

Thu Mar 12, 2015 6:11 pm in AirDroid Win

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Able to talk with headset, but unable to hear

Hi there,
I am new to the app, and I am having some trouble setting it up so I am hoping someone can assist me here...
I have a Logitech G930 Headset and I am trying to use the headset to talk/listen.
I got my mic to work by simply hooking up my headset and making my headset a default sound for my windows, but I cant seem to get the hearing portion to work.
I hear the phone ringing thru the headset, I am able to answer the call and the other line can hear me talk thru my mic, but I cant hear the other line...
I've tried to restarting the computer, replugging but it hasnt fixed the issue.
Is there an option in the app that I dont know about where I can modify this change?
Any help would be appreciated,



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