SMS sending fails, connection inconsistent Galaxy S4 AirDroid_V3.0.4.2.beta

Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:38 pm in AirDroid Win

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SMS sending fails, connection inconsistent Galaxy S4 AirDroid_V3.0.4.2.beta

Greetings AirDroid forums,

I've had sending SMS problems with pre-beta too so 'beta' happens to just be what I'm running for details purposes only.

Problem 1: SMS sending fails, works inconsistently, renders a "!" with tan circle next to SMS message while using AirDroid to send SMS, unable to send while sometimes actually sending or sending duplicates or nothing at all.

Problem 2: Hitting "Refresh" under the SMS and its use really needs explained better please with it's own post.

Problem 1 & Replicating the issue:

While now understanding what Refresh does my assumption is this is a connection issue with AirDroid connecting to T-Mobile - presumably other carriers too using non-rooted able devices.

I see the same connectivity inconsistent behavior on the phone using the phone stock SMS app in addition to Google's messenger. Connectivity freezes ~30 seconds and sometimes time out, while other times render on AirDroid and or phone dependent or independent of each other.

My GEO location is Financial District San Francisco with lots of connectivity.

How does the app use memory and does it need to be woken up for sending to SMS from Airdroid PC via a heart beat echo as if idle the connectivity issue is prominent while after a restart of some kind (usually rebooting the phone not AirDroid) seems to re-establish better connectivity and uncertain as to why?

Upon giving you a quick screen shot to look at not finding connectivity log files which would be useful my web interface AirDroid Summary page renders right away. After not finding anything better for a screenshot, I click back on this to capture as this post is good enough to get a thread going and


the same connectivity issue I explain prior to beating on the AirDroid PC client just before to try and break it for an even more useful screen shoot -- it stands up 100% successful.

Then circle back to AirDroid Summary tab for screen shot renders which now shows zero data.

Try again with WiFi off/on and no change.

Clicking on Details button again pulls jquery popup summary with zero data. Refreshing HTTP to exclude possibility of site and Jquery connectivity renders no data.

Review this post for ~2mins.

Missclick details again meaning to close tab and quit - there's the data (screen shot attached).

Have droid's developer connectivity now turned on for the phone OS and awaiting suggestions!


Connecting via USB has no change to this issue.

Phone details: Galaxy S4 SGH-T399
Andriod Version: 4.2.2

Phone was factory defaulted 2 weeks ago as was testing other apps unrelated to this post and phone has nothing digitally unsigned by Play Store or any illegal apps of any kind nor games etc.

Win7/8/8.1 and/or AirDroid current or beta all have the same issue with SMS sending.

Thank you for your time AirDroid team.


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