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Wed Aug 26, 2015 6:27 pm in AirDroid Win

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Alain Charrier

Remove old phones

I created my account with a Sony Z smartphone, 18 months ago.
One robbed it.
I then purchased a Z1. And declare it into Airdroid. So I had 2 smartphone in my home page.
2 months ago, Z1 was down, so I used and declare a Wiko Gao during repair.
I had then 3 phones in Airdroid.
My Z1 came back... but was in fact view as a new phone. 4.
2 weeks later, Z1 re-brake dow.
And the new one is now viewed as a third Z1.
I searched - but don't found - how to remove all this phones ! ;-).
Any Idea ?
Alain Charrier
Coffee Admin

Re: Remove old phones

@alain charrier


You can go to the user center and delete all Z1, and then connect the right one:

Try if this helps :)
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