My patience is thinning with the Windows client...

Sun Oct 25, 2015 4:00 pm in AirDroid Win

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My patience is thinning with the Windows client...

I will not try to to be too rude ranting about all the bugs that AirDroid has that haven't been fixed for months, but I will put this very simply: my patience is thinning and I am this close to uninstalling the client.

Of all the background programs that I am running on my computer, the buggiest is by far AirDroid (next is Skype). Here is everything that annoys me about the client that most other programs handle fairly well:
  1. Reconnect on hibernate. After hibernating a couple of times, AirDroid just gives up reconnecting and just gets stuck on "reconnecting" despite clicking the button to reconnect.
  2. Opening the window. Why is it that the menu buttons appear before the window?
  3. Massive resource hogging, probably huge leaks in the program.
  4. Empty form in the background that appears in the alt+tab menu. Supposedly "fixed" but I guess it came back. I think this empty form is just to check for updates.
  5. Stealing focus from the user at completely random times.
  6. When uploading a screenshot for a bug report, if I put a web link in the filename, AirDroid crashes. Other programs will just let Explorer download the file to a temporary folder and then set the file path to the temporary folder.
  7. AirDroid updater does not use visual styles.
  8. Force-killing AirDroid sometimes does not remove the process itself. Even Process Hacker's Terminator locks up trying to kill AirDroid.
  9. On resolution change or anything like that, AirDroid draws its menu window's shadow on the desktop permanently, but not the actual window. Probably a consequence of overriding a lot of properties to give the AirDroid window a special look and feel.
  10. When the notification bar slides into view, the animation is somewhat choppy.
  11. File and text transfers to a device always fail on the Windows client but not on the web client.
I hope I don't have to expand this list even further.
Using Windows 7 x64.

Thanks for reading.
Coffee Admin

Re: My patience is thinning with the Windows client...


Thanks for your valuable feedback and sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The issues you mentioned are known bugs/issues on our side and we keep working on them and improving them.

Please kindly stay tuned :)
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