AirMirror keyboard input annoyance

Thu Dec 24, 2015 6:00 am in AirDroid Win

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Adam Plocher

AirMirror keyboard input annoyance

Hello, I was typing something into AirMirror and I have this (super annoying) notification that keeps showing up every couple of seconds from my device. Frankly, not sure if it's the third-party-app's fault or AirMirror. That's not my concern right now.

I recorded my screen to show the issue I'm seeing:

As you can maybe see, as I'm typing in AirMirror, this notification is causing keyboard focus to be drawn away from AirMirror. This may be by design.

I guess the question is: does it make sense to take keyboard focus to the notification to allow the user to respond to it (like when a text message has a "REPLY" button), or should we assume the user is more engaged in the window they're currently using? A bit of a UX dilemma.

Personally, it drove me absolutely bonkers, but again, that's probably the fault of this app notification I'm getting :).

Personally, I think I might engage further input in 1/10 (or less) of the notifications I get from AirDroid (and that's when I'm not getting an infinite loop of notifications every couple of seconds for no reason - with my current situation I'm probably engaged in 1/1000). It's great for being notified about something, and in the rare case I want to reply immediately I can still click the notification.

Btw, I've never noticed this behavior in anything but AirMirror. It's likely that you're drawing focus to that notification window when airdroid.exe is the active process. So I guess, if it should be taking focus, then it should be doing it consistently across other apps. The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced the focus should never be taken from your current window (automatically)...
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Adam Plocher

Re: AirMirror keyboard input annoyance

I've got the same problem. Trying to use the Airdroid keyboard while a lot of notifications pop up, e.g. when several applications are updated, is basically impossible.
Dora Admin

Re: AirMirror keyboard input annoyance

@adam plocher @rene Thank you guys for reporting this problem. We've collected it and will fix it in the future update. Pls kindly wait.
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