Keep up the great work, guys!

Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:45 am in AirDroid Win

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Keep up the great work, guys!

Just a note to say great job, guys. I've been using AirDroid for about a year and you keep fixing all my gripes. The latest was that the PC keyboard only would work in Air Mirror maybe the first time I used it after connecting the smartphone. The mouse would still work, just not the keyboard. Which was really annoying, because AirDroid is most beneficial to me when I'm scripting in a terminal window (because I only have a 3" screen). Once the keyboard balked at running, I'd have to restart the AirDroid client on the phone to get it to work again. But since the last updates, ( (Win7) server and 3.2.0 client (4.4 Kitkat), the keyboard is effective pretty much all the time.

Thanks a bunch, and keep up the great work!

BTW, I would have sent this through the feedback button on my (Windows) Airdroid server, but there doesn't seem to be a "Send" button on that applet. Should I 'bug' that? ;)
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Re: Keep up the great work, guys!

Hi @uruk, thanks for you love and support of AirDroid. We will keep improving AirDroid to be better and better.

You said there's no "send" button on the feedback page, would you please send us the screenshot of it?
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