Computer sounds to phone?

Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:57 am in AirDroid Win

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Computer sounds to phone?

I love the app, I'm using the airmirror and it's actually working well on my Sony xperia Z, which most unusual use apps don't seem to.
Really useful for me because I get bad reception where I live, and I can leave the phone in the window where it gets a decent signal.

I realize this may not be a concern of many, but it seems that with the phone and computer being so intimately tied with this app, it might not be a big stretch for some useful functionality: Is there any way to get it to play computer sounds on the phone? My computer audio jack is busted and I want to play sounds on the phone (and into wireless headphones or a speaker set). I know there are other programs to do it (soundwire) but can't get it or bluetooth to work on my computer.
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Re: Computer sounds to phone?

Hi @rybec, sorry this feature is not supported for the time being. We have collected your suggestion and we will consider it in the future update.
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