Resize/Expand Explorer Windows For Easier Navigationquestion

Sun May 08, 2016 10:38 pm in AirDroid Win

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Resize/Expand Explorer Windows For Easier Navigation

Tried searching for this but couldn't find it. Apologize in advance if this has been asked already. When connected to Airdroid via Windows and I open any of the folders, I am unable to resize the left hand side of the window. I can expand and collapse the right hand side of the window as well as the overall window itself. However I can't expand the left hand side. This makes it difficult to view the longer named folders.

If this is implemented and I'm doing something wrong, I'd ask for guidance.
If this hasn't been implemented, I'd humbly suggest that it be made available.

Love the product overall....I recommend it every chance I get. Keep up the great work!!
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