Broken LCD & Digitizer work aroundquestion

Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:00 pm in AirDroid Win

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Broken LCD & Digitizer work around

Samsung Galaxy S3 i747, running 4.4.2 with a broken LCD and Digitizer, NON-rooted, USB Debugging Enabled, Developer Options Enabled.
It is not listed on my Airdroid account.

For anyone who wants information regarding how I got to this point, read my post in this thread :

So thus far I have been able to access "almost" full control over my device by connecting it to the TV, mirroring the screen via a MHL-HDMI connector and a Bluetooth keyboard. At this point, I am trying to repurpose the device.

I see Airdroid as my rescue app to relinquish the final, full control over the device but have stumbling blocks I am humbly requesting help to work around.

This device is not listed in my Airdroid account and to do so one must accept the connection on the phone from the PC and through the USB before being able to access via wifi.

Limitations prevent me from both connecting to the PC via USB and seeing the screen at the same time. I have a paired Bluetooth keyboard but no mouse. If I unplug from the PC to see the S3 screen on the TV, it interrupts the process, causing failure.

1) Are there hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts I can use with AirDroid that will provide the OK it requires "blindly"?

If possible, it would really help with screen shots of the step-by-step, knowing the default button choice, how to access other buttons if not a default preferred acceptance, etc.

Finally, I understand that if the S3 is ever rebooted, I will need to redo this process.
Is there a way for this pairing to be a permanent?

I really want to use AirDroid and in my lengthy research, through all the apps, programs, patch cords, adapters, posts, webpages, geeks...etc, I just know it is the solution I need if I could just get past this one, so basic acceptance protocol. All help is appreciated just as I am willing to help anyone who needs help with this topic.

AirDroid to the rescue!!! :)
There could be a real seller!
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Re: Broken LCD & Digitizer work around

I'm having the same problem. My screen went out on my Samsung Galaxy 5s, so i'm not able to activate the debugging on my phone because I can't see the screen. :( Any help I can get in being able to mirror my screen to anything so I can turn these on would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. signed, one sad girl. I really need to get to my memo app where I have all my passwords saved.
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