Money back, please

Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:44 pm in AirDroid Web

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Money back, please

I was looking for a way to transfer some photos (94 of them) from my phone to my PC. So I started AirDroid (not signed in).

Even though both my PC and my phone were on the same WiFi network, kept telling me it couldn't connect to the device.

So I signed up for a free account for remote connection, I connected, I started the download, and I ran into the free account quota limit.

So I upgraded to premium and tried again. Immediately, without downloading a single bit, the site told me I had ran out of my premium account quota (!!!). Assuming that the quota was somehow shared between the free and premium accounts, I went ahead and purchased 1 additional GB (yes, I am a sucker, I know, but I REALLY REALLY wanted to download my photos).

After this, the download did go ahead, but it stopped for no apparent reason, leaving me with a corrupted ZIP file. I tried this twice and, after 2 long waits, I ended up with 2 corrupted ZIP files of different sizes.

So I ended up wasting time & money and not getting the photos downloaded after all. Please cancel my account and return all my money.

Contact me by email so I can tell you what account I created It is on a different email address as this forum account - because even your forum is buggy - I could not sign up with Facebook, wasting even more time.

This is too bad, I really liked AirDroid before this.

airdroidAdmin Admin



Sorry to hear about the experience you had and thanks for contacting us.

It is a bug that files failed to download but the quota gone, Our team are now looking into this issue and will try to fix it in future updates.

And we're glad to assist you with the refund process.

To help us process your refund request securely, please provide the following information using the email address you're using for AirDroid to

AirDroid account email:

Email address for the PayPal account you used to purchase the item:

Item need to be canceled:

After we receive the information required, we'll process the refund as soon as possible.

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