broken screen

Thu Aug 15, 2013 12:29 pm in AirDroid Web

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broken screen

someone please help!!!!!!! my samsung s3 has a broken screen.... i dropped it down the toilet LOL
the phone is fully functional, for example i have been able to some what access my phone without view of the screen by guessing where things are then screen shotting, then syncing to my mac so i can view texts etc..
however my main issue is...
im desperate to sign into airdroid on my phone but i just cannot grasp getting my password in correctly using sign in with google account without view of my screen, i was just wondering if there is any possible way i could sign in, or even use my usb cable to access airdroid?
ive scanned the web for the past 3 ays now and im pulling my hair out!!
someone please help.
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